Graphic Designs Graphic Designs TECOM Pulse Screen Design Pusle Screen design for TECOM 199968174 New Year 2014 Designer for TECOM 2014 for PULSE Screen 199968173 Balloon Adventure Client : Balloon Adventure 199968176 41928321 Du Sample Screen (Internal Project) IPTV screen Design 199967715 41928337 Beautiful faces A creative approach how beautiful is our face!! When beauty is concern on a face there are two interaction. The one who see the face through their eye and vice versa. 125045039 Time Beauty Time fades outer beauty...Not outer beauty 126024590 199968177 Imagine outside you window! Imagination are not limited within walls, 126024592 Linspire Contest 41928330 Linspire Contest 41928334 Linspire Contest 41928335 41928336