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While I was still in School, I took up a part time course of study in Advanced Diploma in Multimedia conducted by Arena Multimedia in collaboration with Aptech Worldwide Corporation of USA. I have completed ADIM in 2007 September.


Ever since I was a kid I had a fascination for animation and at the first given opportunity I embarked on a course of study that would one day equip me to work for an Animation studio somewhere in the world. I believe that this field is very dynamic and there would be many more innovations and technology coming into play. I believe that the future entertainment world would see many more contributions from the field of animation and career opportunities would be available to people with the knowledge and artistic qualities required for this profession.      


Ever since I started learning Animation my interest in the subject grew and I have made great strides in improving my insight on the subject. The first two semesters taught me the beginner’s tools and creative activity in a well disciplined study circle and now I have progressed more on creativity. I have, with my knowledge in this field designed many artworks and have received awards for my submissions. As an amateur in the field, my work has been well accepted though I believe I need more professional learning and exposure to become a full fledged professional.



The learning I received in my Institute consisted several modules of studies in the first year; Computer Fundamentals, Concepts of Multimedia & Internet, Drawing and Illustrations (Adobe Illustrator), Digital Imagery (Adobe Photoshop and Image ready) Managing Media Elements – 1, Visualization, Desktop publishing (Adobe PageMaker) Flash it up1 (Flash) & project. In the second year I learned; Storyboarding, Working with audio, Video streaming & editing, Digital Fx, Interactive Multimedia & programming, Knowledge enhancement in Media Compression. In the third semester I have completed 3Ds Max, Virtual reality and Motion caption (Theory only). The 4th semester was Maya, to create basic animation and models.


Currently I am studying B.Sc. Digital Animation & Production at University of Greenwich, and I almost completed my 4th year.

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